The Guts for Change are finally awakened…

The Guts for Change are finally awakened…

It was very challenging to stand up in front of people of the same country and deliver to them a long speech to awaken their deep downs in order to change. It was too hard to write about miserable things we all suffer from, and what to do instead to people lost almost all their hopes.

The feeling of trying to awaken the guts for change in a hopeless society and chase their remained desire to survive was the same feeling as trying to chase the clouds. That strong feeling of seeking change among the people of your nation never died in me. The painful feelings you share with your people toward your raped country were and still the common bonds that collide our hearts. That feeling of staring at your despaired people and screaming out “Guts for Change!”, “Wake up Algeria!” was heartbreaking yet strong enough to reach their buried hope and trigger their souls. That was the crucial point start to step forward and realize the great goals, among them: committing change for both; Algeria and I.
The guts for change are nowadays realized and Algeria has again revealed to the world that unity is our one word, putting one aim together, and peace is our leader. Our sacred country is peacefully revolting today and greatly impressing the entire world the way how we can commit change. The change that great leaders sacrificed their lives for, the change that history bends for, and the change that will put an end to dictatorship and oppression. Today, we are displaying what peaceful revolution is, what freedom and dignity mean, how humanity is highly displayed through our protests, how dictatorship is going to be defeated by the public strong voices. Today, we announced our peaceful rebellion and we bravely stepped forward and there is no chance to step backward, we either commit change or we die with pride.
All the perfect values that we learned from the imaginary anime world are showed in our revolution and that’s the big pride. That perfect unity in Naruto against Madara and the Akatsuki is exactly what happens, the determination of Luffy’s team is the same as our determination to keep up the peaceful fight, the friendship, the brotherhood, and the humanity in Fairy Tail, Samurai 7, and Hunter x Hunter are very similar to the ones in our protests. The mutual feelings of people and the army were one of the proofs, the heartbreaking scenes of the strong solidarity are immensely touching, the one voice, and the consistency will never be beaten. The comparison was always made between the perfect values of anime and the values of the real life but honestly it has never been expected to exist in the Algerian society, though; I believed in the young generation and I mentioned that “it’s just soft and didn’t find the right path to walk on”, I believed there is “hope and strength in the Algerian’s youths”. Now, these generations found the path and they have made the first step through the big gate and their responsibility is to continue what they have begun.

Young people, elders, kids, men and women, we are all together to stand against the oppressing system. Our symbols are peace, dignity, freedom, humanity, and unity for the sake of rescuing our beloved country. That’s the courage to achieve the truthful aims, that’s the true courage that will never die, and these are the strong bonds of Algerians, the strong bonds coming from their minds and hearts, and the will to never give up. We are going to solve our dignity, to return back our freedom, to refresh our dreams. This is the end of the submission and slavery, it’s the end of dictatorship, and it’s our beginning to change and proceed. Our voice is strongly echoed in everywhere, listen up people: Algeria is awakened, Algeria is revolting!

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