My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Review

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Review

Hello, everyone! I hope you guys are doing grea. II know that most, if not all, of you guys have already gone back to school or to university. I hope you guys have started this year with good fresh vibes and that you’re all motivated to do better. I’m talking a lot about school, aren’t I? It may be because it’s the season or it may be because this drama is about university students… Could be both? Let’s find out!

Today’s article is going to be about the hottest new drama that finished airing last week, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty!


Nae aidineun Gangnammiin is a romantic, comedy, Korean JTBC drama based on Gi Maeng Gi’s Webcomic series, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. The drama started airing July the 27th, 2018 and finished September the 15th of the same year. It has a total of 16 episodes starring Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo and Jo Woo Ri.


Kang Mi Rae is a girl who’s just starting her first year in college in Hanguk University.

She does pretty great in her first day, her classmates and upperclassmen all like her and want to either be friends with her or date her, but what they don’t know is that she had some plastic surgeries done last summer. Do Kyung Seok is one of her classmates who’s unbelievably handsome and has girls falling head over heels for him. later on, Kang Mi Rae realizes that he is the same Do Kyung Seok, A.K.A genius face, who used to be her classmate back in middle school. Will he recognise her despite her changing her looks?

The Review:

I absolutely loved and adored this drama from the very first begging, I’m talking since 00:01 of the first episode. The story, the acting, the plot twists, the chemistry, the romance, the comedy E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! I COULDN’T HANDLE IT, SERIOUSLY! And I’m not even exaggerating! The chemistry between the leads was a killer.

The actors did a great job portraying the roles especially the second female lead, Jo Woo Ri, I mean sometimes you can literally feel the tension.
I think that the story line was great and that it has revealed the ugly truth about Koreans’ opinion about plastic surgeries and about beauty and appearances in general. Man, they can be really mean to people because of the way they looked, especially towards girls. Also, Do Kyung Seok is SO GORGEOUS! *Ttghacha* he was actually so adorable, you know being all new to this « crush » thing since he’s a cold hearted bastard.


First of all, I did not expect Soo Ah to turn out to be like that at first, I thought she was nice! Like I literally thought she was her friend and that she either was testing Kim Woo Chan to see if he really liked Kang Mi Rae or to protect her from him! I mean, SHE SAID THEY WERE FRIENDS AND SHE ALWAYS GREETED HER AND STUFF I THOUGHT SHE WAS MODEST! WHAT THE HELL DUDE! Also, the actress did a fascinating job, she was a pro because Soo Ah‘s personality was twisted and very complicated.
P.s. I hated her new hair cut in the final eps like NO.

Second of all, Do Kyung Seok was super manly because he defended her and stood up for her with everyone he literally beat up everyone who messed with her. And the thing I liked most about him is that he wasn’t fooled by Soo Ah, unlike everyone else.

Third of all, I think that Kang Mi Rae was a great person and that she didn’t deserve any of the hate, her personality was gold. I admired how she didn’t change after she’s gotten prettier, she was still nice and modest and didn’t like hate everyone and push them away because of what she has been through.I was a tad bit disappointed because they didn’t show her real face throughout the drama, but that hasn’t affected my opinion of this drama one bit. I tried to look up her old face but only ended up with this from the webcomic, so I guess we’ll just feed our curiosity with this for the meantime.

In addition, I thought his mom did run away and abandon them and that his father raised them alone and stuff and I thought that he’s gonna be so pissed at Kang Mi Rae for trying to get between them. And tbh his mom is a hero she saved Mi Rae and she managed to be successful altho she went through a lot and despite losing her sense of smell.

Finally, the writers have forgotten so many couples I’ve shipped (Oh Hyun Jung and Yeon Woo Young, Woo Jin and Choi Jung Boon) like what happens to those? Do they date? Do they not? We will never know.


ANYWAYS! I highly highly HIGHLY AND VIOLENTLY recommend this drama because it’s one of the great ones. I think that you guys should give it a try and you will thank me because honestly, I haven’t seen a drama this good since forever. I do plan on rewatching it and on reading the webcomic some time soon.

And at the end of my article I’d like to say that this is real, people (especially girls) do get criticized, judged and even bullied just because of their looks. This is a serious problem not just in Korea, but all around the world. So please, guys be extra careful of what you say to others, even if it seems like a joke to you, because you don’t know what they’ve been through, you might hit them where it hurts unintentionally.

So that’s it for today,I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my article and that you guys were convinved to watch this drama or that you agreed with me. Please don’t forget to leave a comment down in the comments section below, tell me what you guys think about the article or the drama. Also, thank you for reading and see you next time.

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