Dedicated to a Couple of Angels

Dedicated to a Couple of Angels

We didn’t want to obey many times to what they were saying and we believed that we know all what we need to know, yet; we didn’t grasp the conception that they were right in every decision they made for us, and if we did we couldn’t say so. They taught us well, and we learned from them everything and still. They are existed for us and they devoted their life just to delight us. They are ready to sacrifice any piece of their souls just to reassure that we are happy and secure. They will grieve if we feel pain while they will gladden if we feel happiness. They put all the trust and the strength on us to give us the distance to carry on and make our decisions without fear, and we will be forever thankful. Their only wish is to offer us the very appropriate life if not the perfect one. Angels are unseen but these angels are apparent and real; they are “our parents”.

If we try to list everything they have done for us until we die we won’t finish. The “mom” is the tenderest creature who has never been existed on earth. Her heart is so pure and her soul is exceptionally dedicated just for her children. It is not exaggerated if we claim that all the beautiful things and the good values in this world collide together in one mom’s heart and her deep down soul. Actually, the quantity of tenderness and the purity in their hearts cannot be measured at anyway, because mothers give us the true love and the perfect feeling that we seek from others yet we don’t get.

“The father” on the other side is the only perfect man who will never be repeated especially for girls. The “dad” is the beloved hero, the best friend and the ideal, the teacher and the doctor. He is the world for almost all kids, because he symbolizes home and security. Our souls are connected to our “fathers”, and our hearts are pieces of theirs. Our identities and personalities are the small versions of theirs. Thanks for each value and each lesson they taught us.

The concept of “parenting” is so much fascinating and inspiring in most anime. Such soulful entity is the central cause which decides either to live happily or miserably. The massive role of parents is everywhere undeniable and agreed upon. It is more than a social or religious matter; it is a life law that exists by nature. In Naruto, it was shown that one big reason of the sufferance in his childhood is because he was orphan; he terribly suffered the loneliness and dreamed to live with a family as others. Sasuke on the contrary had his “parents” surrounding him but he suffered the tragic loss of them. Gaara lived in pain because he had no one to love him in his childhood except his deceased “mom”. Sasori left his village and joined the Akatsuki after he lost “his parents”. Many other characters have chosen their paths on the basis of the existence of their “parents”. Other real characters did the opposite, despite the fact that the loss of “parents” is unbearable; they have struggled, survived, and succeeded. War victims, orphans, and so many, all of them transferred the loss and the pain into a strength point to start over.

So the existence of “parents” is too crucial for anyone’s life. Some people may resist the loss of their “parents” after struggles, some may not even accept the idea to lose them, and thus they may deviate and crumble. We encounter orphans in reality that are stronger than us and build their lives successfully, while others enjoy the familial atmosphere so perfectly though they fail in many things. Some people won’t lose hope and overcome the loss of their parents just to fulfill their parents’ wishes, they live for the sake of their desire and they consider them alive all the time. They live with that magic hope and they believe in their parents’ existence in everywhere, and this is really inspirational.

“Our parents” are the first to cheer when we dared to fly, and when we fall the first to cry. “Father and Mother”, whom we are blessed to have in our life, their love made us to make it through. Their strength, care, affection, and tenderness helped us to find our better side. The heart is full of endless gratitude for all the time they stood by our sides, for the joy they brought to our life, we owe so much for them and we will be forever grateful. God bless them all wherever they are.
Dad and Mom; I so immensely love you, I owe you so much. God bless you.

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